Quality Control Machine

Complete Machining Services

Our company takes quality seriously when providing machining services. In the past five years, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment that uses the latest technology to meet the needs of customers from various industries.

We machine parts as big as 20” x 40” in our CNC VMCs and up to 8” in diameter in our CNC lathes. Our CNC programming system uses the latest 3D models and step files to speed up the process while ensuring accuracy. In addition, our QC department is equipped with a CMM and the necessary tools, inspection equipment, and gauges to deliver quality products.

Committed to Protecting the Environment

Wie Sic Machine, Inc. recently purchased a water recycling unit for our finish mills (tumblers). We currently use four of these units, significantly reducing the water we use and release back into the environment.  

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